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Ed Nomi is quickly becoming one of the most revered Minimal artists in Antwerp.
He is an Antwerp native whose music can be defined as: atmospheric, dark and with an extensive use of fx.

Growing up in Antwerp as a teenager, Ed Nomi was into techno but with time he got deep into jazz and funk. In 2005 he began composing and producing music (experimental, soundscapes and jazz) for different bands like Phazon One, Darkvolt and Chameleons on the Run.
Since 2009 he did many performances in bars, venues, museums, made some soundtracks for short films and has been releasing music on iTunes & Bandcamp.
In 2013, Ed Nomi was introduced to Minimal Techno and felt an instant connection to the drive and vibe of Minimal, he immediately translated his sound palette and producing techniques to this style of music. With a huge collection of hardware instruments this only took minimal (no pun intended) trial & error.

For the next year, if he wasn’t producing minimal and preparing his live set, he was expanding his modular synth or scanning the web for interesting minimal music and various sources of inspiration.

Music has always been an important part of Ed Nomi's life, his early experimental/soundscape exploits counter-balanced the more considered approach needed to learn piano & electronic saxophone. These earlier experiences add much character to his signature sound too.
It’s obvious that with so much effort put into the music, his productions improve at an impressive pace, have subtleness and stay musically interesting.

He’s a true musician & perfectionist.
'minimal music, maximal devotion'