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Nomiland Studios

Nomiland Studios is an electronic music production 'wonderland' situated in Antwerp, one of Belgium's most inspiring cities. It's build to suit the needs of electronic music producer 'Ed Nomi' (composer/frontman of 'Phazon One' and 'Chameleons on the Run').

The main studio features various analog and digital synthesisers (Moog, Dave Smith, Arturia, Doepfer, Elektron, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Clavia, Waldorf,..), a Fender Rhodes piano, Theremin, electric guitars, bass guitars, violins, saxophones, drum pads, drum machines and many FX-pedals.

The studios centerpiece is a gigantic Eurorack Modular Synthesiser with multiple step- and trigger sequencers, an advanced clock/sync system, a huge selection of top-of-the-line filters, many complex oscillators, mixers, analog delays, spring reverbs, dsp modules, echos and other effect modules.
More pictures and info about 'My Modular Machine' on the Ed Nomi blog.

Studio A doubles as a recording & rehearsal studio with a high-end Universal Audio 'Apollo' audio interface (and UA 4-710d ADAT extention), uad2 plug-ins and various amps, pre-amps and microphones to record vocals, instruments and percussion.
The monitoring system is callibrated and the room is acoustically treated.
The DAW of choice is 'Logic Pro' and for live use 'Ableton Live 9'.

We are specialised in:
- Minimal / Techno / IDM / Soundscape productions and live performances
- Mixing & mastering services
- Demo recordings for bands
- Coaching and production support for bands
- Soundtracks/Scores for film and movies shorts
- Workshops about synthesis and electronic music production

Studio-time prices upon request, please contact us at:

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Nomiland Records

A record label dedicated to releasing forward thinking, well-crafted electronic music.
We're still looking for artists who's music productions have an unique and intelligent sound, being able to perform live is a big plus.


Whether you are a DJ that would like to receive our promo’s or an artist looking for representation just send us a message.

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Studio B

An audio-visual procuction studio with a lounge, graphic design and audio production department.
The graphic design department is specialised in creating artwork & promotional material for artists (musicians, bands, DJ/producers,...).
The audio production department is a small, software oriented audio production studio, mainly for composing and putting together live-sets.
In the lounge area clients can relax between- and after recording/production sessions.

Nomiland originated as a small project studio in 2005 and expanded quickly to a capable audio-visual production studio.

For inquiries about artwork or visuals, please contact: